Arára, Pará


A language of Brazil

Alternate Names
Arára Bravos

340 (2010 I. Souza).


Pará: Laranjal and Cachoeira Seca.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


None known. Reportedly most similar extant languages are Ikpeng [txi] and Bakairí [bkq].

Language Use

Some also use Portuguese [por], especially adolescents.

Language Development
A few school-aged children are learning to read and write in Arara, but nearly all literates read and write in Portuguese [por].

Latin script [Latn], in development.

Other Comments

Some groups uncontacted. Subgroups of the Arara are Apiaká or Miranya (Apingui), Arára-Pariri or Arára Mansos, Arára Bravos, Yarumá. Except for the Arára Bravos, from whom the present Arára of Pará people come, all the other subgroups are extinct.

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