Arabic, Mesopotamian Spoken

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Arabic Dialect spoken in Çukurova Province of Turkey

BENGİSU, Sun, 2016-01-17 03:28
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ISO 639-3: 

In South coast of Turkey three cities called Adana, Mersin and Hatay which are named Çukurova Province in Turkey; is home for estimated more than 1.000.000 Arab Alewites. This group is minority by being Arab and then being Alawite (an Islamic cult which is being categorized under Shiite but this categorization is not totally accepted by the group members). This group has been highly assimilated by government language policies, that's why they don't have a significant language rights demand. But they are doing their best to preserve their language. In your website there are two different types of Arabic which are spoken in Mardin, Siirt, Batman... But CUKUROVA DIALECT is different. I ask and suggest you to make a research about this for you to have a better database and also to help them make their voice heard.

Editorial Action

We will add the Çukurova dialect to the language entry for North Mesopotamian Spoken Arabic [ayp] in Turkey for the next edition.