Adamorobe Sign Language


A language of Ghana

Alternate Names

L1 users: 41 (Kusters 2012). Many of the approximately 3,500 hearing people in Adamorobe village also use Adamorobe Sign Language, to varying degrees of proficiency (Nyst 2007, Kusters 2012).


Eastern region: Akuapim South municipal district, Adamorobe village.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened).

Language Use

All ages, deaf and many hearing. Also use Akan [aka]. Spoken by hearing people (Nyst 2007). Also use Ghanaian Sign Language [gse], as primary language among younger generations. Learned in a deaf boarding school (Nyst 2007). Used as L2 by Akan [aka].

Other Comments

In past years, incidence of deafness was as high as 11% in 1961, but it has dropped drastically, to about 1% in 2012, due to a local law enacted in 1975 forbidding deaf people to marry each other (Kusters 2012).

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