A language of Viet Nam

Alternate Names
A-Rem, Chombrau, Chomrau, Kri, Umo

20 in Viet Nam (Ferlus 1996). Ethnic population: 100 (Ferlus 1996). Total users in all countries: 270.


Quang Binh province, Bo Trach district, Tan Trach, 1 or 2 families of Thuong Trach.

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Language Status

8b (Nearly extinct). Language of recognized ethnic group: Chut.


Other dialects or ethnic names: Tu-vang, Pa-leng, Xo-lang, To-hung, Chà-cu, Tac-cui, Nhà Chút.

Language Use

Also use Vietnamese [vie].

Other Comments

Part of Chút official ethnic community, including Sách, Mày Ruc, and Arem.

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