A language of United States

Alternate Names
Anangax, Unangam tunnu

150 in United States (Krauss 2007). Ethnic population: 2,300 (Dorais 2010). Total users in all countries: 155.


Alaskan peninsula, east Aleutian Islands, and Pribilofs (Eastern Aleut dialect); Aleutian chain, Atka island (Western Aleut dialect).

Language Status

7 (Shifting). Recognized language (2014, Official Languages of Alaska Law as amended, Alaska Statute 44.12.310).


Eastern Aleut (Pribilof Aleut, Unalaskan), Western Aleut (Atka, Atkan, Attuan, Unangan, Unangany).

Language Use

Also use English [eng].

Language Development
Dictionary. Grammar. Bible portions: 1840–1903.

Cyrillic script, Old Church Slavonic variant [Cyrs], introduced in 1829. Latin script [Latn], introduced in 1870.

Other Comments

Copper Island Aleut is mixed Aleut-Russian language, or pidgin, spoken on Mednyj Island. Many school texts have been produced.

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