Arabic, North Levantine Spoken

This page reports feedback that has been received for the Ethnologue description of this language.
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North Levantine not only a language of Syria!

Joel Thomas, Wed, 2016-08-24 09:49
ISO 639-3: 

To The Editors, I would like to point out that although North Levantine is registered on the Lebanon page, the North Levantine page says only that it is a "language of Syria". It should read, "a language of Syria and Lebanon", at least. I would also like to draw your attention to the large prevalence of North Levantine speakers in the Turkish province of Antakya and elsewhere. I cannot see this mentioned anywhere on the Turkey page. With the greatest respect for your efforts and achievements, Yours faithfully, Joel Thomas

Editorial Action

We will change the status of North Levantine Spoken Arabic [apc] in Turkey to indigenous in the 20th edition database of the Ethnologue.