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Number of Arabic native speakers

ألبرشت شونك, Sun, 2017-07-16 22:52
ISO 639-3: 
Dear Sir or Madam, I follow Ethnologue since some years and I saw that the number of Arabic native speakers here on Ethnologue is since many years the same, I guess since 1996. The population in Arab countries increased in the last years enormously, and also Arabic migrant communities have build in all over Western Europe and North America. After my research the number of speakers is much higher than the given number on Ethnologue. Let's count together the population of the "core" Arab countries: Egypt 93.5 mio. Algeria 40.4 mio. Sudan 40.2 mio. Iraq 38.6 mio. Morocco 33.8 mio. Saudi Arabia 33.0 mio. Yemen 25.4 mio. Syria 17.0 mio. Tunisia 11.1 mio. Jordan 9.9 mio. Libya 6.5 mio. Lebanon 6.1 mio. UAE 5.9 mio. Oman 4.5 mio. Palestine 4.5 mio. Kuwait 4.3mio. Mauritania 4.0mio. Qatar 2.6mio Bahrain 1.3mio. Western Sahara 0.5mio. = 383,3 mio. This list even does not include other countries, where Arabic is an official language ("Arab countries in a broader sense") and where it is also important: Djibouti, Eritrea, Chad, Somalia, Comoros. Also, Arabic is the vernacular lingua franca of Chad and still that of South Sudan. Surely, not everyone even in the core Arab countries speak natively Arabic, e.g. in Morocco many speak Berber languages, but everyone there speaks it as a secound language and there are large Arabic-speaking minorities in other countries - Turkey up to 5 mio., Europe up to 10 mio., the Americas up to 30 mio., Iran up to 1.5 mio. Arabic is also a national language of Niger and Mali, and also spoken in Nigeria. My conclusion is that the number given in Ethnologue is no longer correct and should be updated. Sincerly regards