Arabic, Standard


A language of Saudi Arabia

Alternate Names
Al-’Arabiyya, Literary Arabic
العربية‎ (al-ʻArabīyah)

24,900,000 in Saudi Arabia (2014 SIL), all users. Total users in all countries: 273,989,700.



Language Status

1 (National). Statutory national language (1992, Basic Law, Article 1).


Modern Standard Arabic (Modern Literary Arabic), Classical Arabic (Koranic Arabic, Quranic Arabic). Preserves the ancient grammar. A member of macrolanguage Arabic [ara].


VSO; prepositions; noun head initial; gender (masculine/feminine); dual number; definite and indefinite affixes; case-marking (3 cases); verb affixes mark number, gender of subject; aspect; 28 consonant and 6 vowel phonemes; non-tonal; stress on first syllable; triliteral roots, few affixes.

Language Use

Not an L1. In most Arab countries only the well-educated have adequate proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic. Education, official purposes, written materials, and formal speeches. Classical Arabic, with archaic vocabulary, is used for religion and ceremonial purposes.

Language Development

Fully developed. Bible: 1865–2008.


Arabic script, Naskh variant [Arab], primary usage. Braille script [Brai].

Other Comments

Modern Standard Arabic is modernized Classical Arabic.

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