A language of Canada

Alternate Names
Assiniboin, Nakhoda, Nakhona, Nakhota, Nakhóda, Nakhóna, Nakhóta, Nakoda, Nakon, Nakona, Nakota

L1 users: 150 (Golla 2007). This is the total of L1 speakers for Canada and the United States. Ethnic population: 3,500 in Canada and the United States (Golla 2007).


Saskatchewan province: part of Carry-the-Kettle, Mosquito-Grizzly Bear’s Head, and Whitebear.

Language Status

8a (Moribund).


None known. Reportedly very similar to the Assiniboine of Montana. Lexical similarity: 94% with Dakota [dak] of Manitoba, 90% with Dakota [dak] of North Dakota, 89% with Lakota [lkt] and Stoney.

Language Use

Mainly older adults. Also use English [eng].

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