Arabic, North Mesopotamian Spoken


A language of Iraq

Alternate Names
Mesopotamian Qeltu Arabic, Moslawi, Syro-Mesopotamian Vernacular Arabic

7,570,000 in Iraq (2014 J. Leclerc). Total users in all countries: 8,691,000.


North central concentration,Tigris and Euphrates valleys north of Baghdad, Salah ad Din, Al Anbar, Diyala, At Ta’mim, Ninawa, Arbil, and As Sulaymaniyah governorates; south enclave, northeast of An-Najaf, shared borders of An Najaf, Al Qadisiyah, and Babil governorates.

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Language Status

6a (Vigorous). De facto language of provincial identity in Kurdistan Region.


Mardini Aramaic (Abdul-Massih, Jesrawi, Mardilli, Mardini). Reportedly very similar to Judeo-Iraqi Arabic [yhd], but has important sociolinguistic differences. A member of macrolanguage Arabic [ara].


Arabic script, Naskh variant [Arab].

Other Comments

Muslim, Christian.

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