Bodo Parja


A language of India

Alternate Names
Bodo Paraja, Harja, Jhaliya, Jharia, Jhodia Parja, Parajhi, Parja, Parjhi, Parji, Paroja, Poroja, Sodia Parja

50,000 (2001 IBT).


Andhra Pradesh state; Odisha state: Koraput district.

Language Maps
Language Status

5* (Developing).


None known. Phonology and grammar show Indo-European relationship, not related to Dravidian Duruwa Parji. 86%–96% intelligibility between Bodo and Jhodia caste varieties. Lexical similarity: 76%–86% with Bodo and Jhodia caste varieties, 70%–89% with Desia.

Language Use

Most also use Adivasi Oriya [ort], in the market.

Language Development

Literacy rate in L2: 15% (2001 census).


Oriya (Odia) script [Orya].

Other Comments

The name Paroja comes from Sanskrit [san] subjects. It is used for a variety of ethnic groups from different language families. Hindu, Christian, traditional religion.

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