A language of India

Alternate Names
Boonan, Bunan, Erankad, Ghara, Keylong Boli, Lahuli, Lahuli of Bunan, Poonan, Punan

4,000 (1997).


Himachal Pradesh state: Barbog, Biling, Gumrang, Guskyar, Kardang, Kyelang, Paspara, Pyukar, and Styering, and Yurnad villages; Gahr Valley along Bhaga river from confluence with the Chandra and upstream.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Lexical similarity: 39% with Sunam [ssk], 26%–39% with varieties of Chamba Lahuli (Pattani) [lae], 37% with Tinani [lbf], 26%–34% with some varieties of Central Tibetan [bod], 34% with Jangshung [jna] and Shumcho [scu], 31% with Kinnaur Bhoti [nes], 30% with Chitkuli [cik] and Nesang (Tukpa) [tpq], 24% with Lhasa dialect of Central Tibetan [bod], 23% with Kanauri [kfk].


Only singular and plural number; no gender indicated in verbs or pronouns.

Language Use

All domains. Some young people, all adults.

Language Development

Grammar. Bible portions: 1911–1923.


Takri (Tankri, Takari) script [Takr], no longer in use. Tibetan script [Tibt].

Other Comments

Bodh caste, but speak a different language from Bodhs of Mayar, Khoksar, and Stod valleys. They consider themselves different from Bodhs of the north, whom they call Tibetans. Buddhist.

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