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Confusing population statistics

filpro, Mon, 2016-04-04 02:48
ISO 639-3: 

Your population number refers to "Bagri" as listed under Punjabi here: This websites classification shows that it is a Rajasthani dialect but there is another listing by the census for "Bagri Rajasthani". Bagri Rajasthan would refer to Bagri as spoken in the two northern districts in the state of Rajasthan. Perhaps that's what the population should be? Simply "Bagri" likely refers to "Bagri" as spoken in the southern districts of the post-1966 state of Punjab. My two cents: both Bagri are classified separately due to political reasons, one under Hindi, and one under Punjabi, but they are both the same. As we know, the Government of India "boosts" their Hindi speakers by adding other languages/dialects to Hindi. They have done this previously with both Dogri and Kangri. The Bagri listing on this website shows that it has 58%–63% lexical similarity with Eastern Punjabi [pan], meaning the Majhi and many other dialects spoken . If such, why is it classified as Rajasthani here?