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Why is Brajbasha and its dialects being put under Bundeli dialects? inclusion of districts fuels false Bundelkhand demands

gehapati.n, Tue, 2017-01-31 19:31
ISO 639-3: 

Brajbasha and Bundeli are not te same thing, and Bundeli is a derivative of Brajbasha. The Bundeli page has Brajbasha and its dialects under Bundeli dialects. Similarlarly areas of Brajabasha seem to be included as areas of Bundeli - ie gwalior, bhind, morena, districts. The main reason I am writing is advocators of a separate Bundelkhand state use this page as a primary source to demarct their territorial demands and annoyingly include any district they feel like with a backup like ethnologue . the above 3 districts are majority brajabasha speaking. Sehore and Guna - bundeli is simply a minority - main is Malvi. hoshangabad, chindwara balaghat are mixed areas not bundeli areas. Your inclusion of all these districts as Bundeli - results in false politcal demands of these areas into a bundeli speaking state. only wide Majority bundeli speaking districts should be on the list and especially the map.

Editorial Action

We will make changes to the region statements and dialect names for Bundeli [bns] and Braj Bhasha [bra] in India for the next edition of the Ethnologue.