Bamako Sign Language


A language of Mali

Alternate Names
LaSiMa, Langue des signes bambara, Langue des signes malienne, Malian Sign Language

Estimated 40,000–70,000 people with moderate to severe hearing loss in Mali (Nyst et al 2012).


Bamako capital district.

Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Lexical variation within Bamako and between Bamako and other parts of Mali, currently being assessed (Nyst et al 2012).

Language Use

Mostly older urban signers, rural signers and those with no access to formal education or LSAF. Shifting to ASL [ase] (LSAF) in Bamako (Nyst et al 2012). Also use Bamanankan [bam], French [fra]. Used as L2 by American Sign Language [ase].

Language Development
Dictionary. Agency: Malian Deaf Association.
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