A language of Nigeria

Alternate Names
Batta, Bete, Birsa, Bwaatye, Bwatiye, Demsa Bata, Dunu, Eastern Bwatiye, Gboati, Gbwata, Gbwate

150,000 in Nigeria (1992). 3,500,000 Bwaatye (Bata and Bacama [bcy]) (2006 census). Total users in all countries: 152,500.


Adamawa state: Demsa, Fufore, Girei, Maiha, Song, and Yola North LGAs.

Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Zumu (Jimo, Zomo), Wadi (Wa’i), Malabu, Kobotachi, Ribaw (Ribow), Njoboliyo, Garoua (Garua), Jirai, Furo, Song Bata. Bacama [bcy] and Central Bwatiye [bcy] 54%–68% of non-riverine dialects (Furo and Song); Njoboliyo [bta] 87% of Furo [bta], Song [bta], and Central Bwatiye [bcy]; Njoboliyo [bta] 73% of Bacama. Upriver dialects have contact with downriver dialects due to fishing practices. Dialect chain: Bacama [bcy] 89% with Central Bwatiye [bcy], 81% with Njoboliyo [bta], 86% with Furo [bta], 84% with Song Bata [bta].

Language Use

Most Muslims shifted to Fulfulde [fub]. All domains. Used by all. Mixed attitudes. Also use Hausa [hau]. Also use Adamawa Fulfulde [fub], especially adults middle-aged and above. Used as L2 by Mbula-Bwazza [mbu].

Language Development



Unwritten [Qaax].

Other Comments

Bacama [bcy] are joined with the Bata in the Bwaatye Association. Christian, Muslim.

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