Karen, Bwe


A language of Myanmar

Alternate Names
Baghi, Bghai Karen, Blimaw, Bwe, Dareh, Manaw

17,200 (1997 F. Bennett), decreasing. No monolinguals.


Bago region: Taungoo and Hpa-Ana townships; Kayah state: Hpruso township; Kayin state: Thandaung township, about 100 villages.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Western Bwe Karen, Eastern Bwe Karen. Most comprehend Western Bwe Karen dialect; some comprehend Geba [kvq] and Kayaw [kvl]; no inherent intelligibility with Kayah [eky] or Geko [ghk]. Lexical similarity: 82%–100% with Geba Karen [kvq].



Language Use

Some shift to S’gaw Karen [ksw] or Burmese [mya]. Most domains, except church. Some young people, all adults. Positive attitudes. Many also use S’gaw Karen [ksw], especially in church. Also use Burmese [mya].

Language Development

Some S’gaw Karen [ksw] literacy classes held. Dictionary. Texts. Bible portions: 1858–1859.


Myanmar (Burmese) script [Mymr].

Other Comments

Western Bwe Karen more widely understood, more prestigious. Bwe is sometimes used as an overarching cover term for all high-dwelling Central Karennic groups, who are not S’gaw Karen or Pwo Karen. Bwe people are very similar to the Mobwa people in lifestyle and culture. Christian.

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