A language of China

Alternate Names
Bela, Bola, Bula, Pala, Polo

400 (2000 D. Bradley). Ethnic population: 1,000 (2001 J. Edmondson).


Yunnan province: Dehong prefecture, Luxi county, Santaishan township; Lianghe and Yingjiang counties.

Language Maps
Language Status

7 (Shifting). Language of recognized nationality: Jingpo.


Reportedly similar to Zaiwa [atb]. Considered by some a Zaiwa dialect.


SOV; only voiceless affricates and stops; no consonant clusters; palatalized and nonpalatalized series of labials and velars; nasal and stop codas; tense-lax and nasal unnasalized vowels; Chinese, Jingpo, Dai, and Burmese loans; tonal, 4 tones, tone sandhi.

Language Use

Home. Used by half the children. Neutral attitudes. All are multilingual, speaking other languages from within the cluster natively, as well as some Chinese and a local Tai language.

Other Comments

Live among the Jingpo majority and wear Jingpo clothing. They regard themselves as different from Zaiwa and Jingpo and have different traditions. Traditional religion.

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