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This page reports feedback that has been received for the Ethnologue description of this language.
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Scripture portions for [bzk] appears to be an error, and language development

Steve and Trina Graham, Tue, 2017-03-28 13:47
Language Development
ISO 639-3: 

A creolist friend asked if we could get hold of copies of the Scripture portions mentioned for [bzk] in the Ethnologue, for him to consult in his Creole language research. Following a flurry of correspondence with all our contacts who have worked in Nicaragua, it appears that this reference to Scripture portions for [bzk] is an error in the Ethnologue. Also, the response from a linguist, Arja Koskinen, who works with the Nicaraguan government, indicates that the EGIDS for [bzk] may need review as a language of education, see e-mail following: ________________________________________ Hello! Nice to hear from you and good to see that somebody is interested in our Kriol here! We have been working strongly to promote Kriol here in the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast with URACCAN, the local university (Universidad de las Regiones Autonomas de la Costa Caribe Nicaraguense). In the time of 2000-2004 the written form of Nicaraguan Kriol was created (also confirming the name of the language as such); until then only a couple of attempts to write poems in the local Kriol had been made, so I really think the information in Ethnologue about Scripture portions from 1999 must be an error. Until now the preschool and primary school curriculum has been changed to Educación Intercultural Multilingue as the model in SEAR (Sistema Educativo Autonomico Regional) that is part of the Nicaraguan Education Law, with five regional languages as L1 and Spanish as L2. Textbooks exist in these five languages, among others Kriol, for preschool and primary, and right now there is a work going on in order to make books for teaching of L1 as a subject in the secondary school (also Kriol). I hope this helps you a little and please let me know if you need some other information! Blessings to your work, Arja

Editorial Action

We will remove the mention of Scripture portions in Nicaragua Creole English [bzk] for the next edition of the Ethnologue.