Chin, Falam


A language of Myanmar

Alternate Names
Falam, Fallam, Halam, Hallam Chin

69,000 in Myanmar (1983). 9,000 Tashon, 16,000 Zanniat, 7,000 Khualshim, 4,000 Lente, 14,400 Zahao, 18,600 Laizo (1983). Total users in all countries: 107,300.


Chin State: Falam township.

Language Status

5 (Developing).


Zanniat (Zahnyiet, Zanniet), Taisun (Shunkla, Sunkhla, Taishon, Tashom, Tashon), Laizo (Laiso, Laizao, Laizo-Shimhrin), Zahao (Lyen-Lyem, Yahow, Zahau, Zahau-Shimhrin, Za-How), Khualsim (Khualshim, Kwelshin), Lente (Gunte, Lyente), Sim, Tapong, Hualngo. The Chorei dialect (in India) and Zanniat may be separate languages. Collectively called Baro Halam. Tapong reportedly has difficult intelligibility for other dialect speakers. 75% lexical similarity with Zanniat dialect. Ngawn [cnw] is often included as a sub-group in Falam.


SOV; negation is marked after the verb.

Language Use

Vigorous. All domains. All ages. Positive attitudes.

Language Development
Most youth and some older people, if educated, can read Falam. Radio programs. Bible: 1991–2011.

Bengali script [Beng]. Latin script [Latn].

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