A language of Viet Nam

Alternate Names
Khoong, “Xa Coong” (pej.), “Xa Xam” (pej.), “Xa Xeng” (pej.)

2,030 (2009 census).


Lai Chau province: Muong Te district, east of Sila, south of Mang; Ban Nam Luong, 4 villages; Kan Ho commune, Bo Lech; Nam Khao commune; Muong Toong commune, Ban Bo village; Dien Bien province: Muong Nhé district, Nam Ke and Pa Thom communes, near the Lao border.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous). Language of recognized ethnic group: Cong.


None known. Quite different from Akha [ahk], Lahu [lhu], and Sila [slt] of this location. North and south varieties in Viet Nam are different, but mutually intelligible. Bisu [bzi], Pyen [pyy], and Mpi [mpz] are closely related.


No final consonants.

Language Use

Few domains. Used by all. Positive attitudes.

Other Comments

Cong is an official ethnic community. Traditional religion.

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