A language of Algeria

Alternate Names

76,300 (2007 Laval University). Estimated Beni Menacer population is 61,000 (2007). 15,300 for Chenoui (2007 Laval University).


Aïn Defla province: north of Khemis; Chlef province: Mount Bissa area; Tipasa province: generally Mount Chenoua area; dialects: Chenoui in Mount Chenoua area, Beni Menacer to south and west; Djebel Bissa dialect in Tacheta forest area, and Beni Haoua village (Genevois and Reesink 1973).

Language Status

7 (Shifting).


Beni Menacer (Chleuh, Tachelhit, Tamenracit), Chenoui, Djebel Bissa, Tamazight de l’Atlas blidéen (Beni-Salah). Lexical similarity: 77% with Tachawit [shy], 76% with Kabyle [kab].

Language Use

Mainly rural village use. Being replaced by Algerian Arabic [arq] in larger towns and cities. Some parents teach children Arabic for educational advantage. These youth then learn Chenoua from elders at an older age. Also use Algerian Spoken Arabic [arq].

Language Development
Radio programs.
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