Cree, Northern East


A language of Canada

Alternate Names
Cri du Nord-Est, East Cree, East Main Cree, Eastern James Bay Cree Northern Dialect, James Bay Cree, James Bay Cree Northern
Iyiyiw-Ayimiwin, ᐄᔨᔫ ᐊᔨᒨᓐ‎ (Īyiyū Ayimūn)

320 (2016 census).


West central Quebec, east coast of lower Hudson Bay and James Bay; some speakers likely on Nunavut islands in James Bay; Whapmagoostui, Chisasibi, Wemindji, and most in Eastmain communities.

Language Maps
Language Status

5* (Developing). Language of recognized indigenous peoples: Cree Nation of Chisasibi, Cree Nation of Wemindji, Première nation de Whapmagoostui.


Palatalized y-dialect within Cree-Montagnais-Naskapi language complex or dialect subgroup. Sometimes classified as Montagnais. A member of macrolanguage Cree [cre].

Language Use

Vigorous. All domains. Also use English [eng].

Language Development

Literacy rate in L1: 20%–25%. Literacy rate in L2: 50%. Taught in primary schools. Radio. Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 2016.


Latin script [Latn]. Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics script [Cans], uses eastern finals, dot first.

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