Chin, Asho


A language of Myanmar

Alternate Names
Asho, Ashu, Hyow, Khamaw, Khamoe, Khyang, Kyang, Qin, Saingbaung, Sho, Shoa

170,000 in Myanmar (2015 Language and Social Development Organization). Total users in all countries: 174,000.


Ayeyarwady, Bago, and Magway regions, and Rakhine State.

Language Status

5 (Developing).


None known. Hyow (Khyang) variety in Bangladesh is more similar to Laitu [clt] than Asho [csh] and is likely a separate language.


SOV; negation is marked after the verb.

Language Use

Vigorous. All domains. All ages. Positive attitudes. Also use Burmese [mya].

Language Development
Bible: 2009.

Latin script [Latn]. Myanmar (Burmese) script [Mymr], primary usage.

Other Comments

Although some consider the Uppu [cnb], Laitu [clt], Sumtu [csv], Songlai [csj], and Mro-Khimi [cmr] to be part of Asho [csh], these groups speak different languages from Asho (and each other) and view themselves as separate from Asho. Buddhist, Christian.

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