Chatino, Zacatepec


A language of Mexico

Alternate Names
Cha’ jna’a, Chatino de San Marcos Zacatepec, Chatino de Zacatepec

450 (2000 INALI).


Oaxaca state: Juquila district, San Marcos Zacatepec and Juquila villages.

Language Maps
Language Status

7 (Shifting).


66% intelligibility of Nopala [cya], 61% of Panixtlahuaca dialect of Western Highland Chatino [ctp], 57% of Yaitepec dialect of Western Highland Chatino, 6% of Tataltepec [cta]. Lengthened word forms are like Zenzontepec Chatino [czn]. Reportedly similar to Eastern Highland Chatino [cly] in some respects, but geographically and socioeconomically separated.

Language Use

Spoken in Zacatepec. Virtually extinct in Juquila with 2 older adult men speakers.


Latin script [Latn].

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