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562,000 in United Kingdom (2011 census), decreasing. 32,700 monolinguals (1971 census). Total users in all countries: 590,890.


Widespread in the Country of Wales.

Language Status

2 (Provincial). De facto provincial language in Wales.


Northern Welsh, Southern Welsh, Patagonian Welsh.


VSO; prepositions; noun head initial; gender (masculine/feminine); definite article; verb affixes mark person, number; tense; comparatives; 23 consonants, 12 vowels, 8 diphthongs; non-tonal; stress on penultimate syllable; initial consonant mutation (3 kinds).

Language Use

19% of the Welsh population speak it; 33% understand it (1998). 44,600 between 5 and 9 years old, 47,100 between 10 and 14 years old (1991). Positive attitudes. All also use English [eng].

Language Development
Welsh as the medium for education is increasing. 525 primary and secondary schools provide Welsh as the medium of education to over 82,000 children (1999). Compulsory in most Welsh schools. The Royal National Eisteddfod meets annually. Magazines. New media. Radio programs. TV. Dictionary. Grammar. Bible: 1588–2015.

Latin script [Latn].

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