A language of Mexico

Alternate Names
Campo, Cochimí, Comeya, Cuchimí, Diegueno, Diegueño, Jamul Diegueño, Jamul Tiipay, Kamia, Kamiai, Kamiyahi, Kamiyai, Ki-Miai, Ko’al, Ku’ahl, Kumeyaai, Kumeyaay, Kumia, Kw’aal, Quemayá, Tiipay, Tipai’, Tipái, Tipéi

290 in Mexico (2011 UNSD). No monolinguals (1993). Total users in all countries: 440.


Baja California state: Cañon de los Encinos, Ja’áa, La Huerta de los Indios, Rancho Nejí, San Antonio Nécua, and San José de la Zorra; mountains southeast of Tecate, 60 km east of Ensenada.

Language Status

8a (Moribund).


Case-marking; 26 consonants and 9 vowels; alienable/inalienable possession.

Language Use

Also use Spanish [spa].

Language Development

Dictionary. Grammar.


Unwritten [Qaax].

Other Comments

Different from the extinct Cochimí language.

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