A language of Niger

Alternate Names
Adzerma, Djerma, Dyabarma, Dyarma, Dyerma, Zabarma, Zarbarma, Zarmaci

3,280,000 (2015). Total users in all countries: 3,370,100.


Tillabéri and Dosso regions; also Niamey.

Language Status

4 (Educational). Recognized language (1999, Constitution, Article 3).


Kaado. In Niger, dialects from Dendi [ddn] and Songai blend into Zarma. Intelligibility is high, ethnic autonym: Dendi or Songai. Cannot understand Songhay, Koyraboro Senni [ses] in Mali.

Language Use

Used as L2 by Western Niger Fulfulde [fuh].

Language Development
Taught in primary schools. Radio. TV. Dictionary. Bible: 1990.

Arabic script, Naskh variant [Arab]. Braille script [Brai]. Latin script [Latn], primary usage.

Other Comments

Ethnic groups include Kurtey (32,000), Wogo (28,000), Songhay (400,000), Dendi (40,000). Muslim, Christian, traditional religion.

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