Dogon, Toro So


A language of Mali

Alternate Names
Bomu Tegu, Dogoso

50,000 (1998 J. Durieux).


Mopti region: Koro and Bandiagara circles, Bereli and Madougou town areas.

Language Maps
Language Status

4 (Educational). Recognized language (1982, Decree No. 159 of 19 July, Article 1).


Ibi, Ireli, Sangha, Yorno, Youga. Different from Dogoso [dgs], Dogosé [dos] in Burkina Faso.

Language Use

All domains. All ages.

Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: 5%. Literacy rate is 30% among Christians (2013 SIL). Taught in primary schools. Poetry. Dictionary. Grammar. Bible: 2010.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Cliff dwellers. Glossonym: Bomu Tegu by neighbors in the plains. Muslim, Christian.

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