A language of Congo

Alternate Names
Aboo, Bamboma, Boma, Boo, Boõ, Central Teke, Eboo Teke, Eboom, Iboo, Teke-Boma

20,400 in Congo (2000). 740,000 all Teke languages in Congo (2012 World Factbook).


Plateaux department: Lefini river east to Congo river, north to Engankou and west to Allion.

Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Teke-Nzikou. Eboo is the language of the ancient Teke kings. Teke-Eboo [ebo], Teke-Nzikou [nzu], and Teke-Fuumu [ifm] are reportedly similar enough to easily share the same literature. Lexical similarity: 63% with Iyaa, 69% with Laali [lli], 75% with Tsaayi [tyi], 85% with Tyee [tyx], 86% with Kukuya [kkw], 89% with Ngungwel [ngz], 79% with Teke-Tege [teg].

Language Use

Some young people, all adults. Also use Lingala [lin].

Language Development

Small scale adult literacy program run by local group with SIL. Literature. Videos. Dictionary. Bible portions: 2004–2009.


Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Teke-Nzikou [nzu] and Teke-Eboo use the same literacy materials. A hybrid of the dialects is emerging among young people. Traditional religion, Christian.

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