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4 facts about Esperanto, to be corrected:

Keneĉjo Goldbergo, Mon, 2017-01-23 00:41
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ISO 639-3: 

In 1887 "Lingvo Internacia" (an) International Language was published; the name did not begin with "la" (the) ! Esperanto contains 23 consonants (and, as listed, 5 vowels) !! The first of Zamenhof's languages, "Lingwe Uniwersala," was authored by him in 1878 [not 1872 !!] , at which time he was 18 years of age. Quoting Zamenhof: Se vi parolos pri mia nacieco, volu diri, ke mi nomas min ruslanda hebreo. (If you speak about my nationality, please say that I call myself a Russian Hebrew.) ---Keneĉjo Goldbergo

Editorial Action

We will edit the Esperanto [epo] entry to correct and update some information in the 20th edition of the Ethnologue.