A language of Philippines

Alternate Names
Bisayan Declarado, Bisayan Diklaradu, Bisayan-Eskaya, Eskaya’, Ineskaya, Iniskaya, Iskaya’

500, all users. L1 users: No known L1 speakers. L2 users: 500 (2013 P. Kelly). Ethnic population: 3,000 (2013 P. Kelly).


Central Visayas region: Bohol province, Biabas, Cadapdapan, Canta-ub, Lundag, and Taytay villages.

Language Status

9 (Dormant).


A constructed language created through a relexification of Boholano, a dialect of Cebuano [ceb], but with changes to affixation rules. Some lexical input from Cebuano, Spanish [spa], and English [eng] (Kelly 2012).

Language Use

Second language only. All speak Cebuano [ceb] as their L1. Religion, political events. All also use Cebuano [ceb]. Many also use Tagalog [tgl]. Some also use English [eng].

Language Development



Eskaya script [Qabr].

Other Comments

The earliest attested document in Eskayan is from 1908. The language is taught in traditional schools in Taytay and Biabas on Sundays. It is taught for 30 minutes each morning in the government elementary school in Taytay (2013 P. Kelly).

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