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Etsako / Yekhee

Jennifer, Thu, 2017-06-22 10:46
Other Comments
ISO 639-3: 

Just passing on some info I recently received from a speaker of Etsako/Yekhee who told me that the preferred name of the language is "Etsako". He said that the name "Yekhee" is an older usage from colonial times which is disappearing. I do see the note in the Ethnologue entry which says "Not all speakers recognize Yekhee as language name; some prefer Etsako. However, Etsako is not the only language spoken in Etsako LGA." That rationale is surprising to me, however, since there are many other language names for which the name of a region or province or state *is* used for one of its languages even though it's not the only language spoken there (in Edo State where Etsako/Yekhee itself is spoken, for example, there is the language called Edo, although it is not the only language of Edo State).

Editorial Action

We will change the primary name for [ets] from Yekhee to Etsako and also remove the comment about the names in the Ethnologue database.  These changes will be seen in the release of the 21st edition next year.