A language of Indonesia

Alternate Names
Abawiri, Doa, Fuau

350 (2010 SIL), increasing.


Papua Province, Mamberamo Raya and Jayapura regencies, Kecamatan subdistrict, 1 village. Mamberamo basin region, bordering on the southwestern edge of the Foja Mountains, on the Dijai river, north of Mamberamo river.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened).


None known. Lexical similarity: 35%–49% with Diebroud [tbp].

Language Use

The people want to retain and strengthen their own identity. Home, community, most domains. All ages. Positive attitudes. Some also use Diebroud [tbp], passively especially by those over age 35. Also use Indonesian [ind], in school. Used as L2 by Abinomn [bsa], Airoran [air], Diebroud [tbp].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: 20% in Indonesian [ind].
Other Comments

Christian, traditional religion.

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