A language of South Africa

Alternate Names
Bika, Flaai Taal, Fly Taal, Himbul, Himli, Hova, Iscamtho, Isikhumsha, Lingam, Lingo, Sepantsula, Setsotsi, Shalambombo, Sjita, Taal, Tsotsitaal, Withi

No known L1 speakers. Ethnic population: No ethnic community (Makhudu 2002).


Major cities.

Language Status

9 (Second language only).


None known. Not intelligible of Afrikaans [afr]. Used many Afrikaans, English [eng], and Bantu words, and others of unknown origin.

Language Use

The language is appears to be growing in popularity among men as a pidgin language, and it is uncertain whether it will stabilize as a creole at this point (Makhudu 2002, McCormick 2009).

Other Comments

Originated in gold mines in Transvaal from 1886. Creolized by 1930. Used until the 1970s or 1980s.‘Tsotsitaal’, speech of a young gang member, criminal, or thug.

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