Gadaba, Bodo


A language of India

Alternate Names
Boi Gadaba, Gadba, Gadwa, Godwa, Gudwa, Gutob, Gutop

8,000 (2000 IICCC). All Gadaba: 41,000 (2011 census).


Andhra Pradesh state: Visakhapatnam district; Odisha state: Koraput district, Lamtaput sub-district, 40 villages; Malkangiri district, Khoirput sub-district.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Birong Raji, Kinda Raji, Lamtaput, Koraput. Dialects mutually intelligible. Speakers in Lamtaput block have 89%–94% intelligibility in Tikrapada and Audipoda villages. Intelligibility of the Hanumal village variety is less. Lexical similarity: 69%–89% among 7 varieties in Odisha, 90% between listed dialects.

Language Use

Many speak and are shifting to Desiya [dso] in home and religious domains. Some young people, all adults. Mixed attitudes. A few also use Odia [ory], in Odisha. Also use Desiya [dso]. Also use Telugu [tel], in Andhra Pradesh.

Language Development

Literacy rate in L2: 9% (2000 H. Rajan). Literacy classes in progress. Literature. NT: 2011.


Oriya (Odia) script [Orya].

Other Comments

Some ethnic Gadaba in Madhya Pradesh speak Bhatri [bgw] as L1. Different from Dravidian Mudhili Gadaba [gau] and Pottangi Ollar Gadaba [gdb]. Hindu, Christian, traditional religion.

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