Dari, Zoroastrian


A language of Iran

Alternate Names
Dari, “Gabar” (pej.), “Gabri” (pej.), “Yazdi” (pej.)

8,000 (1999).


Settled communities in Yazd and Kerman provinces.

Language Status

8a (Moribund).


None known. Related to Parsi-Dari [prd] and Nâyini [nyq].

Language Use

Used by Persian Zoroastrians in personal communications as a private language. Also use Iranian Persian [pes].

Other Comments

Different from Dari dialect of Eastern Farsi [prs] of Afghanistan, though both names refer to Darius, the ancient Persian Emperor (‘dar’ is Classical Persian for court). Many Zoroastrians speak Parsi-Dari and do not know Zoroastrian Dari [gbz]. Zoroastrian.

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