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Number of speakers.

Mansuk, Sun, 2019-08-04 12:59
ISO 639-3: 
Hello! The total number of Hausa speakers was said to be 63 million, which I think is much less compared to what is supposed to be. My reasons: - in 2016 department of African languages ahmadu bello university Zaria, done a research and found that 120 million people speak the language in Nigeria alone ( close to 70% of Nigeria's population ) - Nigeria is estimated to have 200 million people. - the northern part of the country have more than half of the nation's population and almost everybody in the north can speak Hausa. - in Niger, it is also estimated that 97% can speak the language. - Ghana has millions of Hausa speakers. - Sudan, chad,Cameroon,ivory cost and some African countries have hundreds of thousands of Hausa speakers. Also in 2018 an estimate made by the spectator index on twitter, says 150 million people speak Hausa. I hope my feedback will be checked. Thanks!