Sinicized Miao


A language of China

Alternate Names
Biantou Miao, Changshu Miao, Curved Comb Miao, Flat Head Miao, Han Miao, Hmong Nzi, Hmong Sa, Hmong Shua, Hmong Sua, Long Comb Miao, Lopsided Comb Miao, Mushu Maio, Shuixi Miao, Waishu Miao, Water Miao, West of the Water Miao, Wooden Comb Miao

250,000 (Hattaway 2000). Total users in all countries: 252,000.


Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Longlin county; Guizhou province: Dafang, Guanling, Nayong, Pu’an, Puding, Qianxi, Qinglong, Shuicheng, Xingren, Zhenning, Zhijin, and Ziyun counties, Anshun municipality; Yunnan province: Funing, Guangnan, and Jinping counties, Gejiu municipality.

Language Status

6a (Vigorous). Language of recognized nationality: Miao.


None known. Not inherently intelligible with other Miao varieties. A member of macrolanguage Hmong [hmn].


SOV; 7 or 8 tones.

Language Use

Vigorous. Home, community, market.


Latin script [Latn], pinyin-based, favoured by the educated. Miao (Pollard) script [Plrd], favoured by peasants.

Other Comments

Traditional religion, Christian.

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