A language of United States


6,080 (2015 census), decreasing. 40 monolinguals. Ethnic population: 7,350 (Golla 2007).


Arizona: several villages northeast; New Mexico; Utah.

Language Status

6b (Threatened). Language of registered tribe: Colorado River Indian Tribes of the Colorado River Indian Reservation (Arizona and California), Hopi Tribe of Arizona.


First Mesa, Misongnovi, Shipaulovi, Third Mesa.

Language Use

Young prefer English [eng]. Some young people, all adults.

Language Development

Medium of instruction in tribal schools. Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 1972. The Hopilavayi Project is part of a comprehensive plan for revitalizing Hopi. This project was the result of a survey conducted by the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office in 1997 to assess language use among the Hopis. Agency: Hopi Cultural Preservation Office (HCPO).


Latin script [Latn].

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