A language of Brazil

Alternate Names
Hunsriker, Hunsrück, Katharinensisch, Rio Grand Hunsriker

3,000,000 in Brazil. Ethnic population: 5,000,000.


Widespread. Many in Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, and Santa Catarina states.

Language Maps
Language Status

7 (Shifting).


Originally derived from Hunsrücker (Westpfälzisch) German speech variety; influenced by Portuguese [por]. Several dialects, probably due to being language of intercommunication for many other Germanic language speakers such as Swabian [swg], Bavarian [bar] and others as well as immigrants from Switzerland and Austria.

Language Use

Officially minimized until the 2000s when it began to be recognized as a language and written with a standardized Latin alphabet. Home, market. Positive attitudes. Also use Portuguese [por], Spanish [spa].


Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Emigrated from Germany from 1824 more or less continuously until World War II.

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