A language of India


4,940 (Cardoso 2006). Relatively few monolinguals, even in Korlai (Cardoso 2006). Total users in all countries: 7,160.


Kerala state: Kannur; Maharashtra state: Korlai near Mumbai; Daman and Diu Union Territory.

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Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Cochin (Kochi), Diu, Cannanore.

Language Use

It is mostly, if not entirely, spoken by multilingual speakers (Cardoso 2006). Some communities in India have no remaining speakers. Few remaining speakers in Cannanore; last speaker in Cochin, Mr. William Rozario, died on Vypeen Island (2010). Some younger speakers. Also use English [eng], Gujarati [guj], Hindi [hin], Marathi [mar]. Also use Portuguese [por], extensively (Cardoso 2006).

Language Development
NT: 1826–1852.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

The term Indo-Portuguese does not stand for 1 language but rather a number of Portuguese-lexified creoles scattered across South Asia (Cardoso 2006). Christian.

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