Ifugao, Mayoyao


A language of Philippines

Alternate Names
Ifugaw, Mayaoyaw, Mayoyao

30,000 (2007 SIL).


Cordillera Administrative Region: Ifugao province, Aguinaldo, Alfonso Lista, and north Mayoyao municipalities; Mountain province, 2 small border areas.

Language Maps
Language Status

4 (Educational).


None known. 86%–94% intelligibility of Batad Ifugao [ifb]. Grammatical markers are different. Lexical similarity: 54% with Batad Ifugao [ifb].

Language Use

Home and personal interaction; in school for bridging; some churches. All ages. Positive attitudes. Also use English [eng], Ilocano [ilo].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: More than 60%. Literacy rate in L2: 50%–60%. Taught in primary schools. Literature. NT: 2004.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Traditional religion, Christian.

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