Jamaican Country Sign Language


A language of Jamaica

Alternate Names
Country Sign, Konchri Sain

40 (L. Parks). 4 monolinguals (2016 B. Gayle).


Primarily in Saint Elizabeth Parish, adult speakers.

Language Status

7 (Shifting).

Language Use

Currently, only about 40 deaf adults in the Jamaican parish of St. Elizabeth are native Country Sign users. Younger deaf people are not learning it because the local educational institution is using Jamaican Sign Language [jls] instead. Most of the Jamaican deaf community does not understand Country Sign Language. Some adults and elderly. Also use Jamaican Sign Language [jls].

Language Development
English literacy is very low because many adults have had no formal education.
Other Comments

Maranatha School for the Deaf in Ridge (St. Elizabeth parish) uses Jamaican Sign Language [jls] in the classroom. Deaf people in the St. Elizabeth Parish often move to the larger cities for easier access to employment. Country Sign is not being used in the schools and its number of users is gradually declining.

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