A language of Nepal

Alternate Names
Jero, Jero Mala, Jerum, Jerunge, Jherung, Zero, Zero Mala, Zerum

5,380, all users. L1 users: 1,760 (2011 census). L2 users: 3,620 (2011 census).


Janakpur zone: Sindhuli district, Bahadur Khola west bank villages, Sunkosi river south to Mohangar village; Sagarmatha zone: Okhaldhunga district, Maulang Khola river area.

Language Status

6b (Threatened). Language of recognized indigenous nationality: Rai.


Madhavpur, Balkhu-Sisneri, Ratnawati (Sindhuli). Reportedly most similar to Wambule [wme]. Alternate dialect analysis: Northern dialect spoken in Okhaldhunga District, Southern dialect in Sindhuli District. (2004 J. Opgenort).


SOV; postpositions; noun head final; 2 genders (non-productive); content q-word can appear anywhere in the phrase, often in initial position; 1 prefix, up to 4 suffixes (word-internal) and 4 phrasal affixes; clause constituents indicated by case-marking; verbal affixation marks person and number; ergativity; aspect; no passives or voice; nontonal; 31 consonant and 11 vowel phonemes.

Language Use

Home, friends, religion; mixed use: Work, education. Some young people, all adults. Also use Nepali [npi]. Used as L2 by Wambule [wme].

Language Development

Literature. Periodicals. Dictionary. Grammar.


Devanagari script [Deva].

Other Comments

’Chaurasia’ is the name for the linguistic unit combining Jerung and Wambule [wme]. Traditional religion, Hindu.

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