Arabic, Judeo-Yemeni


A language of Yemen

Alternate Names
Judeo-Yemeni, Yemenite Judeo-Arabic, Yeminite

300 in Yemen (2010 J. Berer). Total users in all countries: 50,300.


‘Adan, Al Bayda’, Sanaa and Shabwah governorates: mainly urban communities; Shabwah governorate (Habban dialect).

Language Status

8a (Moribund).


San’a, ’Aden, Be:da, Habban. Jewish varieties markedly different from their coterritorial Muslim counterparts. A member of macrolanguage Judeo-Arabic [jrb].


Hebrew script [Hebr].

Other Comments

Prior to the 1950s, Yemen had more than 50,000 Jews spread throughout the country, but with the creation of the State of Israel, the vast majority left. Several thousand remained until the early 1990s, until they, too, left for Israel. Now, only a few hundred remain (2010 J. Berer). Jewish.

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