A language of Cape Verde Islands

Alternate Names
Caboverdiano, Cape Verdean Creole, Criol, Crioulo, Krioulu
Kabuverdianu, Kriol

492,000 in Cape Verde Islands, all users. L1 users: 478,000 in Cape Verde Islands (2010 census), increasing. L2 users: 14,000 (2010 census). 74,000 monolinguals (2010 census). Ethnic population: 1,000,000 (2010 Gabinete de Migração Cabo-verdiana). Total users in all countries: 1,191,000 (as L1: 1,177,000; as L2: 14,000).



Language Status

1 (National). Statutory national language (2010, Constitution, Article 9(2-3)).


Kabuverdianu di Santiagu (“Badiu” (pej.), Caboverdiano de Santiago, Kriol di Santiagu), Kabuverdianu di Brava (Caboverdiano de Brava, Kriol di Brava), Kabuverdianu di Fogu (Caboverdiano de Fogo, Kriol di Fogu), Kabuverdianu di Sonsente (Caboverdiano de São Vicente, Kriol di Sonsente, “Sanpadjudu” (pej.)), Kabuverdianu di Maiu (Caboverdiano de Maio, Kriol di Maiu), Kabuverdianu di Sintanton (Caboverdiano de Santo Antão, Kriol di Sintanton), Kabuverdianu di Son Nikulau (Caboverdiano de São Nicolau, Kriol di Son Nikulau), Kabuverdianu di Sal (Caboverdiano de Sal, Kriol di Sal), Kabuverdianu di Buvista (Caboverdiano de Boa Vista, Kriol di Buvista).

Language Use

Vigorous. All domains. Used by all. Positive attitudes. Most also use Portuguese [por]. Kabuverdianu [kea] coexists in constant contact with Portuguese [por], so decreolization is a concern that government academics and educators are constantly addressing in their Kabuverdianu development efforts (Veiga 1995).

Language Development

Literacy rate in L2: 83%. Cape Verdeans who can read Portuguese [por] are able to read Kabuverdianu, with a little effort to adjust to a few differences between the Portuguese orthography and the official Kabuverdianu orthography. Taught in primary schools. Taught in secondary schools. Teachers often resort to using Kabuverdianu in order to clearly communicate their material. Kabuverdianu language and culture is a required subject at the university level, and those training to be school teachers take additional courses on teaching the structure of Kabuverdianu. Literature. Newspapers. Periodicals. Radio. TV. Videos. Dictionary. Grammar. Texts. Bible portions: 2004–2013.


Latin script [Latn], official orthography is named ALUPEC.

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