A language of Russian Federation

Alternate Names
Chavchuven, Koryaki, Nymylan

1,670 (2010 census). Ethnic population: 7,950 (2010 census).


Kamchatka krai: north half of peninsula; Magadan province.

Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Apokinskij (Apukin), Cavcuvenskij (Chavchuven), Gin, Itkan, Kamenskij (Kamen), Palan, Paren, Xatyrskij. Koryak and Alutor [alr] border not yet been defined. Chachuve (Northern Koryak) and Alutor now separated. Alutor formerly considered a dialect of Koryak. Classification of other dialects unclear. Chavchuven, Palan, and Kamen dialects apparently not inherently intelligible.

Language Use

Few domains. Some young people, all adults. Used by a few children, but situation varies according to location (Salminen 2007). Mixed attitudes, from neutral to mildly positive. Also use Russian [rus]. Used as L2 by Even [eve].

Language Development

Taught in primary schools as subject. Dictionary. Grammar. Texts. Bible portions: 2006.


Cyrillic script [Cyrl].

Other Comments

Chavchuven used by reindeer herding tribes, all others use Nymylan. Traditional religion, Christian.

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