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Update on Nemha Bible.....

Maani Grace, Tue, 2016-06-21 19:38
ISO 639-3: 

The Nemha Bible ('Nemha means 'Holy' in Kurukh/Kurux) was withdrawn from the commercial market in the year 2007 due to a controversy arising around a particular word used in the Old Testament of the Bible. Initially, during the translation work, this word did not carry any political meaning, but after the release of the bible, the particular word slowly gained traction in the form of political connotations; causing friction within the community of speakers itself. In the year 2007, a controversy arose around this particular word which caused much harm in the Kurukh-speaking community, outraging many leaders who misunderstood the term for which it was technically intended. The N.W.G.E.L. Church, which was responsible for the translation work of that particular edition of the Bible, immediately withdrew the book from the market and publicly apologized to our community, clarifying they had meant no harm. A case was lodged in court and the decision to be taken by the Vidhan Sabha till this day remains pending. However, the Church has started work on a revised edition of the translation as they have recognized the scarcity of text in the language as well as the abrupt and steep decline in the number of speakers of the language in the area (Ranchi, Jharkhand); especially among youth and children. Rt. rev. Nirmal Minz, the Bishop Emeritus of the Church, has taken over the translation work, and hopes to complete it soon. He is a renowned expert in the field of the Kurukh Language, and resides in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

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