A language of Chad

Alternate Names
Kouang, Kuang, Kwong

16,800 (1993 census). 10,000 or more Kwang, 2,000 Mobou, 250 Aloa.


Chari-Baguirmi and Mayo-Kebbi Est regions; Tandjilé region: Tandjilé Est department; north of Lai, east of Bongor, southwest of Bousso. Mobou (Mobou dialect); Mogo (Aloa dialect).

Language Maps
Language Status

6a* (Vigorous).


Kwang, Mobou (Mobu), Ngam (Gam, Modgel), Tchagin (Tchakin), Aloa, Kawalké, Gaya, Mindéra. Includes Midigil village, sometimes erroneously listed as ‘Modgel’ (Medegel) in some sources. Lexical similarity: 42% with Kera [ker].

Language Use

Also use Bagirmi [bmi], especially the Muslim Aloa, with full bilingualism. Also use Sar [mwm], especially the Ngam, as L2.

Other Comments

Ngam dialect is different from Ngam [nmc] of Chad and Central African Republic in the Sara group of Nilo-Saharan. Traditional religion, Muslim.

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